For the past year my husband has been teaching my oldest daughter, Lela, math. She would wake up at 5:30 a.m. and head downstairs to have her lesson before her father went to work. This arrangement was a blessing to me. I struggled teaching 5th grade math and the thought of having to deal with […]

Let me just say right from the start, Lourdes LOVES kindergarten!!! Seriously, I believe she has been waiting for this moment in her life for a long (ok…I know she is just four) time. She feels like such the big girl, being able to do things she sees her big sister do. I have been […]

Yesterday I shared what Lela, my 5th grade beauty is learning. Today I am sharing what my super sweet 2nd grader, Niara is learning. For starters, Niara is very excited to be a 2nd grader. She thinks it is way cool. We begin every morning with copy work. This year Niara is copying the Book […]

Our school year is off and moving fast! This year, I decided to take the advice of a former homeschooling mom and ‘live through‘ my plan before I commit to it. That has been some of the best advice I have ever received (and I now apply it to all things–not just homeschooling). That is another […]

Our official first day of school is August 24th, just hours away now. We all have been enjoying the much needed break from all the books and regular school year activities. Our mornings have been much more relaxed these days. I have enjoyed waking up to a bed full of smiling and giggling girls—and simply hanging […]

Today’s math center challenge for Princess Bella (3rd grade) had her use one of her favorite things, her shape pieces! I got the idea of this particular center from her Saxon work and added a few things to make it a bit more challenging. Center activities are review activities that are presented as a challenge. […]

I am a WORDS person. Grammar (oh those diagrams), literature and writing are my fun things.Math, well, I grew up not having any confidence in the subject. It didn’t make any sense to me and I never felt I was good at it. When it came to homeschooling I knew I had to deal with […]