Hi, God. What an awesome day you made today. The raindrops fed all the flowers, and the puddles are perfect for jumping in. Thanks for shady trees and yoyo strings. Thanks for giving us elbows so we could bend our arms in so many ways. How do you think of such cool things, Lord? […]

  About a year ago we started doing family devotions together. When we started I must confess that I got it all wrong. It was highly structured and felt more like a class that we all had to drag ourselves to rather than an experience we all wanted to participate in. Better put, it felt like […]

I am not an early riser. The fact that I am typing this post at 6:30am is proof that God is real and he answers prayers. Our first week of school ended Yesterday. After many months of planning, purchasing, and shopping school finally started. The prospect of teaching three children this year seemed daunting–more honestly, […]