The last few weeks have been painful for our country. Day by day, it seems the nation is getting more and more divided — which in turn creates more and more fear. Today’s eclipse did something that we desperately needed, it got us all on the same page. It dominated the conversation and new’ s […]

My morning ritual often starts with a struggle—a battle between Mind and Body. Each one very clear about what they think is best and each one extremely persuasive. Body reminds me how  tired I am and how very good it simply feels to just be…lay in bed and simply be… Mind jumps in and reminds […]

This Sunday my pastor delivered a message completely focused on little. The part that struck a cord within me was when he said, “It takes years to lay a  proper foundation, about 25 years. It’s a slow process.” My heart leaped at that word. Although he was reflecting on personal lessons learned regarding establishing a […]

Mondays are usually hard for me.  Maybe it is because it is the start of a brand new week and that means repeating everything (work, activities, etc) all over again.  Maybe it is because I had so much fun this Mother’s Day weekend–I really relaxed and enjoyed myself. Maybe I relaxed too much.  Maybe I […]