Hi, God. What an awesome day you made today. The raindrops fed all the flowers, and the puddles are perfect for jumping in. Thanks for shady trees and yoyo strings. Thanks for giving us elbows so we could bend our arms in so many ways. How do you think of such cool things, Lord? […]

I came across this article from blogger Luanne Castle, who describes her visit to The Whitney Plantation in Louisiana. Although I have been to Louisiana, I have never been to this plantation. What really captured my attention as I read her article was the fact she said that didn’t try to put distance between the […]

On Sunday Lela and I made our way across town to our first Mother & Daughter Dinner Book Club. I am a book lover and after reading a book (good or not) I always want to discuss it. I truly believe the learning happens in the discussion. So after many months for searching for a […]

That is my question. I have been homeschooling for the past three years. My children are in grades 4, 7, and 9. My oldest child was in public school until 4th grade (which is when I pulled him out and started teaching him at home). My youngest children have only been home schooled. When I […]