Home Schooling 101

So You’re Thinking About Home Schooling

thinking-capWhen considering home schooling there are numerous things you may want to take into consideration.  This 101 section is designed to help people consider a few areas prior to making that first leap into the fray.  I  also find as a home schooling mom that hearing about what others before me have experienced helps me 1) to know that I’m not alone and 2) teach me something new.  As a former public school educator and now private home school educator, I want to always be in a state of learning. Even the most basic thing can be a significant improvement on what I am or will do.

This 101 is no way meant to be definitive, but the intent is to examine some core principles and thought processes that may serve you well in your endeavor.

Episode 1:  Know Your Why

If you’re thinking about homeschooling the first thing you should do is establish your reason for wanting to home school. In this episode I will teach you how to work with your partner to determine your family’s Core Values. I also share our family’s why!

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Values Planning Document

Episode 2:  Consider Your Relationships 

Home schooling is a lifestyle and as such it affects all the major relationship circles in your life: your spouse, your children, your family and most importantly yourself!  Listen to this episode to learn how to positively with the pros and cons of each circle.

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Consider Your Relationships ETN Document

Episode 3:  What About Socialization?

This is the number one question home schooling parents get asked. So what about socialization? In this episode we will define socialization and answer that dreaded question once and for all!

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Episode 4:  The Law. The Method. The Curriculum.

I call this the nuts and bolts episode. In this episode I will explain the law and how it works regarding home schooling. I will discuss the different home schooling ‘methods’ and yes, I will share with you I how choose curriculum for our children.

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The Law Document Weekly Master


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3 thoughts on “Home Schooling 101

  1. […] 2. Establish healthy boundaries. It is perfectly alright for people to have opinions. Some times we have to agree to disagree. However, differing does not mean disrespect nor should it mean a break in relations. Confront the conversation with your loved ones head on. Be proactive about establishing boundaries. You could say something like this: “We have made the decision to home school (little one) and are really excited about this new journey. We appreciate your concerns and understand if it is difficult for you to support us with this right now. I want you to know that that is OK. This is new and different for our family. I would ask that you just pray for us when you feel anxious or when we come to mind.” With that you have informed them of your decision, shared your emotions about it, acknowledged their feelings, and gave them something to do (PRAY) when they feel they need to do something. I talk a lot about this in my Homeschooling 101 Podcast Series: Episode 2, Consider Your Relationships. […]


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