Our adventures of being a vegan family has introduced us to many interesting and different flavors, textures, and foods. This past summer while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC, I ate a delicious pulled mock chicken salad that was made from jackfruit. It tasted delicious and the texture echoed that of pulled pork. Before that dish, […]

Fall has finally arrived. The leaves are changing colors and every now and then we find ourselves trapped in this glorious blur of orange, burgundy, yellow and green. The trees are swaying. The temperature finally dropped (thank you God!). The clothes have been switched out. The holidays have been planned and the pumpkins have been […]

This bread came about because I had two extremely ripe bananas one lonely peach.  The strawberries came from a small farm about five minutes from our house. But like most freshly picked fruit, if you don’t have a plan for them they will have a plan to go bad. So I thought I would add them […]

Let me say, right at the start that I take zero credit for this recipe. This past weekend my sisters and I  headed south to Williamston, NC for a get-away. Our destination was Big Mill Bed & Breakfast. This was our first time staying at Big Mill, but once we met the full-of-life innkeeper, Chloe, and […]

With our busy fall schedule in full swing, I am always looking for ways to decrease the workload. Cooking is a big job and one the falls primarily on my lap. When it comes to cooking… There is the thinking about what to get (and when I skip this step it is pretty bad). Then […]

Every morning (literally) my second born Niara, sleepily makes her way into the kitchen with one question on her lips…”Is the oatmeal ready?” Niara is the original oatmeal girl. Although none of us are exactly sure why she loves it so much, or even when her oatmeal crush started, we all know that she loves her […]

Pesto. Even sitting here typing the words make my stomach yearn for some. I fell in love with pesto about nine years ago. A dear friend invited us over for dinner and set before me a plate of pasta with a green sauce gently coating the noodles. I admit, I wasn’t so sure about green […]