One thing the holidays do is let you know just what things in your house need some TLC. Like forks.  We simply do not know what happens to the forks and spoons in our house Lately it has been impossible to set a proper table for all five of us, let alone guest. Khari and […]

So this may be a little weird. But I have a new crush. My mop. I know what you are thinking…she has finally lost it (and maybe I have). My mom (who has lived through many of my failed attempts of mopping floors) bought this as my house warming present. A mop….ahhhhh….thanks???? I…had…no…idea. The moment […]

Ahhh…it is that magical time of the year, the time when the days grow longer, the weather hotter, and the pools finally open. Summer! By far, summer is our girl’s favorite time of the year as it means one thing, VACATIONS! Over the years, and through an abundance of trail and error, I have come […]

We were taking a family stroll through Ikea when out of the corner of my eye I spied the most adorable apron. I have been searching for an apron for a while now but haven’t found one that truly caught my fancy…until today that is. For $7.99 I walked out of Ikea as the proud […]