If you have been following our homeschooling journey you know that visual art + mommy = disaster. Over the years I have relied on home-based art programs to teach the girls art. I have been truly impressed with the art they have been able to create, along with their growing understanding of art concepts and […]

In this week’s art lesson the girls were introduced to landscapes! We learned that: Landscapes are works of art that feature scenes of nature: mountains, lakes, gardens, rivers, etc. They can be oil paintings, watercolors, gauche, pastels, or prints of any kind. Before the girls worked on creating their own landscape we took time to […]

Over the years, my husband and I have found ourselves in a love / hate relationship with playdough. We love the fact that it keeps our girls occupied for hours but we simply hate the mess! What it does to carpet is simply downright abusive, I mean really! So Khari and I instituted a rule–a […]

My morning ritual often starts with a struggle—a battle between Mind and Body. Each one very clear about what they think is best and each one extremely persuasive. Body reminds me how  tired I am and how very good it simply feels to just be…lay in bed and simply be… Mind jumps in and reminds […]

So we came across this by pure chance but was completely blown away when we watched it. Since then I have shown the video to…well…everyone that had about 12 minutes to spare and I have enjoyed watching it right along with them. The girls were amazed as well and it was such a timely find as […]

Sunflowers have always been the flower that I think best captures who I am (you know in flower form). Tall happy flowers always head up, looking for the sun. They inspire me. So when I discovered that this week’s art lesson was centered around the sunflower, I knew it was going to be a joy-filled […]

I love art, and all the forms she expresses herself. Being honest, I am not a visual artist. Actually, my self-confidence in my self expression through paints, pencils and crayons pretty much was squashed after my 2nd grade teacher squinted up her nose at what I was sure to be my best picture yet, a […]