Last week I took the kids to Toolfest, a Construction Career Exposure Event, located at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery in downtown, DC. Niara is our resident Tinkerbell, and when I saw an ad for this free event I knew I had to take her. But she wasn’t the only Grant girl out their having […]

I found out about Mystery Science last year and we had our first lesson which asked the question, Could a Volcano Erupt in Your Backyard? We all loved that lesson and learned so much. I have been looking for lessons to go with what we are currently learning. Needless to say I was thrilled to […]

Last week when the girls arrived at auntie Professor Pam’s house for science they were met with a bountiful table of fruit and scones. She welcomed them to the table and invited them to eat. Then she told them each to get a grape and stand up. The girls followed her instructions with curious eyes, […]

So we came across this by pure chance but was completely blown away when we watched it. Since then I have shown the video to…well…everyone that had about 12 minutes to spare and I have enjoyed watching it right along with them. The girls were amazed as well and it was such a timely find as […]

If you have never been to a STEM EXPO–Go! Every year, usually in the month of April, the Convention Center in Washington, DC gets taken over by all things science and engineering related. I will admit, the liberal arts in me was not so excited about spending a day surrounded by…well, STEMy things, but my […]

This week’s listening hour brought us all the way to Kenya to meet a most impressive young man, Richard Turere,  who invented a way to solve a major problem that he and many others like him are faced with…mighty lions. When you have a moment, please gather your family and take a listen to him. We […]

Science with Auntie Pam: Our very 1st animal dissection!