Last week I took the kids to Toolfest, a Construction Career Exposure Event, located at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery in downtown, DC. Niara is our resident Tinkerbell, and when I saw an ad for this free event I knew I had to take her. But she wasn’t the only Grant girl out their having […]

For the past year my husband has been teaching my oldest daughter, Lela, math. She would wake up at 5:30 a.m. and head downstairs to have her lesson before her father went to work. This arrangement was a blessing to me. I struggled teaching 5th grade math and the thought of having to deal with […]

If you have never been to a STEM EXPO–Go! Every year, usually in the month of April, the Convention Center in Washington, DC gets taken over by all things science and engineering related. I will admit, the liberal arts in me was not so excited about spending a day surrounded by…well, STEMy things, but my […]

This week for our Current Events class Lela choose an article from TimeKids magazine that discussed a recent survey about how much water kids are (and are not) drinking. She enjoyed reading the article and was inspired to conduct her own survey asking children about water. This is where she needs your help.Could you please help […]

I just found out about this FREE, online adventure camp for kids. Each week focuses on a different topic: Water, Space, Nature and Music. I can’t wait for the girl’s adventure to begin! Check out the official site here. And as always… Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed! Article written July 9, 2015 by ZINA, Lasso the […]

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As part of the enrichment and supplementation that I am adding to Catie’s curriculum I have subscribed to Tinker Crate.   When I was looking up the information on these crates Catie was looking over my shoulder and got very excited so I went…

Princess Petals finished her Kindergarten math program (to read my review of the math we use click here) and so we slide right on into 1st grade math. She is a math girl. All throughout the day she counts and finds patterns and solves made-up math facts. So I really try to think of fun […]