NPR’s Podcast, 1A is one of my favorite things to listen to as I am driving from here to there. I truly appreciate discussions that grapple with some of today’s and Yesterday’s toughest topics in a civil and honest way. Recently they aired a podcast about how schools should teach slavery to students and featured […]

I came across this article from blogger Luanne Castle, who describes her visit to The Whitney Plantation in Louisiana. Although I have been to Louisiana, I have never been to this plantation. What really captured my attention as I read her article was the fact she said that didn’t try to put distance between the […]

I came across this post this morning. It is filled with ideas for teaching Ancient Egypt. I am so thankful for this because part of our curriculum this year is Story of the World, Book 1  (for a review of the Story of the World click here) which covers Ancient Egypt. Thanks STEMtastic Homeschooling for sharing, […]