Lourdes enjoyed her first full week of class. We are all thankful. Like her mommy, it is hard for her to get up in the mornings. She goes from her bed to the couch. But once she gets going there is no stopping her! She is so excited to be sitting at the table with […]

My First Steps to Reading has been apart of our collective village for 15 years now. My oldest sister got them for her oldest child, who be turning 18 this year. These cute alphabet  theme books helped Princess Bella discover her passion her reading, and now they are doing the same for her little sisters. There […]

Originally posted on Phonics By Spelling's Blog:
This is a list of possible units that can be used for Kindergarten, Preschool or Home school.  We have on this blog many free ideas for some of these units.  We like to teach all phonetic sounds to young children using music and pictures, thus making it easier to learn to…

So we are going to the zoo! Now let me confess right now that I only like going to the zoo during spring and fall. But my little princesses want to visit their animal friends (especially Princess Jubilee who just loves those lions). So what is a momma to do except take the children to the […]

Today during our morning huddle we focused on those Oh so Pearly Teeth. The girls had a great time learning all about their wondrous teeth, and I for one enjoyed hearing their comments and questions about these mysterious things that grow…fall out… and then grow again. We started the lesson with simply observing our smile […]

Another school year is upon us and we are so excited to get started. After a fun-filled and much needed vacation, we are all so ready to get back to our learning time. I always love reading about what other homeschooling families are studying, so I decided to share what our girls will be learning […]