As much as any of us don’t ever want to experience a less than thrilled student, it happens. Matter of fact it has been happening the past two days and it seems as though we can’t get into a good groove. Thankful for the wisdom and reminders A Homeschool Mom offers us all in her […]

It is that time of year again where I organize binders and complete reports for our Portfolio Review. Now for those of you who live in a state or county that requires Portfolio Reviews you know exactly what I am talking about. For those homeschooling families that have no clue what a Portfolio Review is, […]

For the past year my husband has been teaching my oldest daughter, Lela, math. She would wake up at 5:30 a.m. and head downstairs to have her lesson before her father went to work. This arrangement was a blessing to me. I struggled teaching 5th grade math and the thought of having to deal with […]

The other day I went over to a friend’s house for impromptu girlfriend time. I was feeling a bit underwhelmed and needed to step away from my reality and get refocused. So I called my dear friend, and when she heard my weary voice she invited me over. When I arrived I immediately felt the […]

I just finished watching a brief documentary filmmaker Michael Moore did comparing our American public school system with Finland’s system. Before watching this video, I was not at all familiar with Finland’s educational system. As I watched the video I kept hearing myself say, “That’s right! Yes! That makes sense!” Before coming home to teach […]

The last few weeks have been painful for our country. Day by day, it seems the nation is getting more and more divided — which in turn creates more and more fear. Today’s eclipse did something that we desperately needed, it got us all on the same page. It dominated the conversation and new’ s […]

  Hi, God. What an awesome day you made today. The raindrops fed all the flowers, and the puddles are perfect for jumping in. Thanks for shady trees and yoyo strings. Thanks for giving us elbows so we could bend our arms in so many ways. How do you think of such cool things, Lord? […]