Today’s Happy is all about Khari. I must give a giant THANK YOU to the kind ladies who work with him. He told them about the first time he went to King’s Dominion. He shared with them that he had only $5.00 to his name. Everybody kept talking about how great the funnel cakes were. He used […]

This bread came about because I had two extremely ripe bananas one lonely peach.  The strawberries came from a small farm about five minutes from our house. But like most freshly picked fruit, if you don’t have a plan for them they will have a plan to go bad. So I thought I would add them […]

It is challenging to live on one income (especially in the DC Metro area). And for our family homeschooling has meant that we live on one income. Five years ago (when my second-born gift was six months old) I was invited to my dear friend’s house for a fun night of shopping. I was so […]

Today was a great day. After a morning of math and free writing, the girls and I left daddy home to deal with a host of conference calls and headed into the city for a ‘girl’s day out’. After the threat of Hurricane Joaquin, we all have been enjoying these past few days of what […]

It has been a great week! This was our 2nd week of school and I think I have finally ((almost…maybe…prayfully) adjusted to waking up at 6am. It was rough ya’ll, I am not even going to try to tell you anything else other than it was H.A.R.D. But waking up in the morning, before the […]

  On the corner of 113th St. and St. Nicholas in Harlem, NY is a restaurant that every person who appreciates delicious, unpretentious cuisine should visit. Wow, I just left the restaurant and already my taste buds are craving to go back! The restaurant has a very warm and relaxed vibe to it. When I […]

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The event of the year has now come to the theaters and it was a glorious event.  While probably on pace to come close or equal the pace of the first Marvel’s The Avengers movie, it wasn’t without some blemishes.  While…