NPR’s Podcast, 1A is one of my favorite things to listen to as I am driving from here to there. I truly appreciate discussions that grapple with some of today’s and Yesterday’s toughest topics in a civil and honest way. Recently they aired a podcast about how schools should teach slavery to students and featured […]

Being a homeschooling Momma, I am always curious to see how other moms like me get through their day. When I read this post I laughed, out loud, as so much of her day and internal thoughts resonated with mine. I guess there are some commonalities about this homeschooling gig, despite the who you are […]

This morning I knew I had a longer-than-usual math lesson to teach Lela. This meant that half-way through, my two little ones (ages 7 & 5) would finish their seat work and get restless. Because I am a firm believer that when you don’t have a plan for them, they will come up with their […]

If you have been following our homeschooling journey you know that visual art + mommy = disaster. Over the years I have relied on home-based art programs to teach the girls art. I have been truly impressed with the art they have been able to create, along with their growing understanding of art concepts and […]

I stumbled upon Keys for Kids. Over the holiday break, I was searching for another way for us to do our family devotions, or at least something else to add to it. I came across Keys for Kids and became interested when I discovered it offers a daily radio-story devotional program. We tried it and […]

We have been on break for Thanksgiving for the past week. The five day break was so needed. We spent several days sleeping in and lounging around the house. We also enjoyed hanging out with family and friends and eating some really yummy foods. I simply love the holidays! This morning I knew I needed […]

Summer is almost over and that means back to everything! Last year I found myself constantly feeling so behind and overwhelmed when it came to feeding my family healthy and nutritious plant based meals. Due to the fact we primarily eat from home, I knew I had to approach things differently. My plan this year […]