About Happy.Homeschooling.Housewife

Unlike many homeschooling moms I have met over the years, my start did not come by the way of being ‘called’.

Although my husband and I always envisioned having children, we never envisioned us being a homeschooling family. We were familiar with the concept because I supported my eldest sister’s children who are home-schooled, yet we never imagined it to be a viable option for our family.

I am by nature, a butterfly and truly do enjoy being able to flutter from experience to experience. Homeschooling, as  it seemed to me, would clip my wings and arrest my flight.

139986060464250 (1)When our first-born, Princess Bella, started getting to that age where we had to school shop it became quite clear to us, based on our options and our values, that homeschooling her was the best choice. Due to the fact that she grew up around her homeschooling cousins (which  we call ‘growing up around the table’) she knew her letters and letter sounds, colors, shapes, and could count to 20. She also had tremendous enthusiasm for learning and was surrounded by great role models, her big cousins.

And so I committed myself (and my wings) to homeschool her for Kindergarten. Khari was very supportive and felt sure this was the right path for us both. Me? Well, I was less sure, but willing to at least try.

139986060464250 (2)I went about ordering supplies, planning (as best I could) and setting up our little school space (the downstairs family room). The first day of ‘our meeting’ time finally arrived and I was filled with nerves. I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep the night before. My head and heart were overwhelmed with questions and doubts: Is this right for her? Are we failing our daughter? Yes, I am a teacher, but I never taught Kindergarten before, how will I know what to do?  How will I ever manage teaching and watching a one year old? The questions were unending. Unfortunately, I did not have any answers. All I had that first day was prayer and my darling Princess Bella, who must have noticed just how nervous and unsure I was about everything. She grabbed my hand and said, “You’re going to be fine mommy.”

139986060464250 (4)And her words were both encouraging and true. They were true that day and remain true today.  Now I do see that God has called me to this work during this season of my life. And I see how he has taken into account all of my gifts, talents, and quirky ways and designed this just for me! It took me a while for me to see His vision, but it gets clearer and clearer everyday, and it is what I hold onto during those hectic moments which do come.

I do remember with fondness my life before homeschooling and children even. I enjoyed every boardroom, classroom, corporate trip and professional space it took me to. But I am also enjoying life now, this season of nurturing my marriage and mothering my little ones. I have finally settled into exactly who God has called me to be:


And the Lord has shown me I was wrong. My wings have grown stronger and I am flying higher than I ever imagined with three beautiful butterflies flittering around me.

It is my prayer that this sharing of our journey will encourage your heart as you seek out what God has in store for you during this season of your life.

Stay Happy & Be Encouraged!