Video: Homeschooling Challenges…People

How to Deal with Challenging People

When you started homeschooling, did you think every person in your life would be supportive or at least genuinely open?

Sometimes our greatest homeschooling challenge has nothing to do with which curriculum to use, but everything to do with the people in our lives.

I have come across three types of people in my homeschooling journey – cheerleaders, spectators and yes, naysayers. Truth be told, the naysayers didn’t shock me. But my spectators did. Where I anticipated full on enthusiastic support from them, I received silence.

How to Deal With Those Spectators?

I want to share a video that explains exactly my thoughts on the subject, especially those spectators and how you can graciously deal with them.

The Truth of the Matter.

Not everyone in your life is going to be thrilled or even accepting of your decision to home school. You need to be ok with that. Remember that you and your spouse are the only people that have both the responsibility and the right to educate your child how you see fit.

Be gentle with folks and do not load your relationships with expectations it can’t withstand. I would also encourage you to be open.

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Several of my spectators and some of my naysayers have turned into my loudest cheerleaders. So stay open! If you are able to do this then you will be able to remove people from your list of homeschooling challenges.

How have the people in your life dealt with your decision to home school? Do you have any spectators and naysayers that make your homeschooling life challenging? If so, how are you dealing with it? Share with me in the comment section below.

Until next time, Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


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