My Top 25 Must Have Back to School Supplies

Ok, I know 25 may be a bit much but I just sat down and begin ordering and 25 is the number of things in my cart!

One of my favorite things to do is shop for school supplies. I have always loved the smell and feel of new sharpened pencils and folders as a kid. The same has held true as an adult.

Over the years I have pretty much nailed down my must have supply list. I used to go to stores and shop for all this stuff, but over the years I have perfected clicking & shipping using amazon prime (this is not an affiliate post – I just really enjoy seeing packages on my doorstep). My list isn’t in any particular order… so here we go!

Paper – Plenty of paper and all types! I like reinforced college rule. I buy several packs at a time. I also get graph paper and a box of printing paper. For my 3rd grader, I am using paper from handwriting without tears — it is a training paper.

3 Hole Puncher. This gets used on a daily basis. I already have one but I am buying a new one just for the girls so they won’t break mine (I hope)!

Stapler (or two…or three). Staplers just don’t last all year in my house. I have given in to the fact that I will more than likely have to replace it. This year I am getting this deal which is a two for one.

61l77brigkl._sx679_Rulers – I am excited for us to try out this architectural ruler along with our regular standard rulers. I am really excited about the architectural ruler. 

Tape – (masking and scotch). We use a lot of tape in our house.

Highlightersall colors! I am a special fan of bright yellow.

Permanent markers – I do not let my youngest daughter use permanent makers. I love them and I find that sometimes only a permanent will do. I get multi-colored fine tip ones. I keep these babies safe and secure.

Folders – I love to have folders around. I use them for many different things. When they were younger I used to make them lap-books. This year I am planning on assigning a color to a child to help keep track of all the paper. I will let you know how that goes.

Clips. I use binder clips to keep papers organized. Instead of simply putting papers in folders, I have them clip the papers with a binder clip so they don’t fall out. These are my favorites because I like the way they look. I find them a lot more dependable than paper clips. Don’t get me wrong, I also get paper clips, I have just added binder clips to my game. Again, I love the colors.

Labels – This is something that I never quite know how I am going to use it but I always end up needing them. I use them for a variety of reasons, so I always love having them on hand.           



Glue – I am an old school glue girl. The sticks don’t really work for me. I use regular Elmer’s Glue. I also am getting Glue Dots. I came across them while shopping at a craft store this summer. They are great for projects – not messy and strong. So I will give them a try. 


Pencils – Do I even have to say anything? 567 pre-sharpened pencils. One of my favorite things!

Pencil sharpenerelectric and handheld for when we are out and about. Electric sharpeners have only disappointed me. I am trying again, hopefully this one will last and work. We’ll see. 

Crayons – I have made peace with the fact that I will have to replace crayons throughout the year (and colored pencils for that matter). Things have gotten better, especially since I am officially out of the eating crayon phase and the peeling and snapping them phase my girls have gone through. But still…they disappear and sometime around the 1st of November we end up needing more. So yeah…crayons.

Stickers– This is my happy. I love stickers probably more than my kids do. They make me so happy. So stickers are a must have for me. I find every and any reason to give them out – especially to myself! This is where I get over 1k of them.

Mommy notebook – In addition to stickers, journals are my other favorite. I like to keep a journal that sits next to me during every class. It is the keeper of my to-do list, and reflections, and inspired doodles. This year is Black & Red.

Dry Markers – I really like these markers because they have a nice BOLD color to them. Like crayons, I have made peace that I have to replace them throughout the year. 

Erasers – For the white board and pencils. This is one thing that I can’t keep up with. I often end up using an old tattered sock to wipe away the white board. As far as pencils as concerned, I have given up on the little things on the end of the pencil. They are pointless. I need big old erasers.

71f6ndcsk-l._sx679_Pencil cases (one for each girl) – I have tried this in the past, weeks in they always misplace them. This year I am going to just have them just use it for when we are out. I am hoping these cute cases will do the job.

Post-it notes (different sizes and colors) – Happy post-it notes! I use post-its all day long. I love them in all colors and sizes. Including flags which we use a lot in literature. I also make sure the girls have their own as well.

Index cards – Standard school need. Good ole fashioned index cards and the card box. My two oldest will be completing a big research project so these will come in handy.

Wipes -I keep wipes (both disinfectant wipes and baby wipes) in our meeting room. They help us keep are hands and tables clean & tidy. I really like these method wipes that smell like grapefruit.

Paper towels – Not only do they clean up unexpected spills, but they also are handy for serving lunch. I like the select-a-size kinds.

Ink for the printer – This one doesn’t make me happy ya’ll, but it is a must have item.

Last but not least, candles. The first thing I do before I start our class time is light a candle. It helps set a mood and signals that are day is beginning. At the end of our studies, the kids like to take turns blowing it out symbolizing our learning day has come to an end.

Here are the things that help me feel excited and prepared for the new school year. I can’t wait for my boxes to arrive! What are your must have supplies? What things get you excited for the school year? Let me know in the comment section below.

As always, until net time ~ Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


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