Reason #4: Because Learning Can Happen Anywhere

Homeschooling is what I call good – hard work.

To help keep me going, I started looking for reasons, little reasons, to remind myself why I continue to home school. These reasons hit me sometimes quite out of the blue — or sometimes, like Reason #1 — it can come to me early in the morning. Today, I am sharing my most recent reason.

I love that I can grab books and take our learning time wherever we happen to go. Learning is so incorporated into our lifestyle that it presents us wonderful opportunities to learn anywhere and everywhere.

DC is an awesome city to live in. My girls and I have our favorite coffeehouses that are work friendly, which for us means big tables, not too loud spaces, and plenty of yummy treats.

Today’s adventures took us to a new spot, a Starbucks at GW University we found after dropping off daughter #2 at violin camp. After settling the girls into seats I treated myself to a yummy soy misto (1/2 coffee + 1/2 steamed soy). This was exactly what I needed to tackle the work I needed to do with the girls.

As we were all working I remember taking a moment to just take in the scene. Growing up my school days were very different. For starters, I didn’t do work all-year-round. Another thing, my school days were all classrooms and desks and boards. I didn’t do coffeehouses until college! I watched my girls settled into the shared space with ease and confidence. They know how to keep their space orderly to make space for others and they also know how to block out all the noise around them.

It made me realize how very different my girl’s experience is compared to my own. Where school-time consisted in a box for me, it doesn’t for them, it exist in the world all around them and for that I am so grateful.

What are some our your reasons for starting homeschooling?  What are some of your reasons why you continue to do so? Please share in the comment section below so we can all be encouraged.

As always,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

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