Reason # 3 – The Light bulb Moment

Homeschooling is what I call good – hard work.

To help keep me going, I started looking for reasons, little reasons, to remind myself why I continue to home school. These reasons hit me sometimes quite out of the blue — or sometimes, like Reason #1 — it can come to me early in the morning.

Today’s reason came in an instant. It was a shared victory moment when the light bulb went off in my 2nd grader’s head — she sounded out a word she had never seen before in a book I was reading. She recognized the letters and took her time and struggled – all on her own intent.

This light bulb moment wasn’t that she could sound out letters, but that she could actually read words that were in mommy’s ‘big girl book’.  Witnessing that moment was so rewarding—because it was in that moment I witnessed my baby girl realize she can do anything!

What are some our your reasons for starting homeschooling?  What are some of your reasons why you continue to do so? Please share in the comment section below so we can all be encouraged.

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



2 thoughts on “Reason # 3 – The Light bulb Moment

  1. I started homeschooling because my daughter, who is autistic, couldn’t handle the atmosphere of public school. She would rock and have meltdowns. I couldn’t do it anymore after she verbally said “Please no go”. It isn’t easy most days, but she is happy and not full of anxiety. That’s worth it to me.


    1. Absolutely!! Thank you so much sharing your why. I think that we have to hold on to our whys because our whys matter and helps us stay the course. I am a firm believer that we, as parents, know what is best for our children. I also believe children have insight as to what is good for them as well. Love that your daughter articulated “Please no go” and that you had the courage to listen.


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