Blessings from the Flood

As I sit to write this, Hurricane Florence pounds the Carolina coast. Wind and water…everywhere.

We now have personal knowledge about floods as we came home one Sunday afternoon to our downstairs covered in water. It had been raining hard through the month of June and although the we had a sunk pump in the garage — it simply couldn’t handle the amount of water that was gushing down day in and day out.

The water crept through our foundation, our carpet pads, the carpet itself, and it kept on growing. The water took over everything and touched every aspect of our life downstairs.

Khari and I were lost and overwhelmed. We simply didn’t know what to do and we didn’t have answers to all the questions our girls asked about it.

Our summer plans were ruined (or so we believed) our finances tapped (that is still very true) and our home-schooling (yes, we school through the summer) stopped because our classroom was downstairs.

But God is good and sent all the help we needed our way. Our summer was filled with getting to know amazing construction workers, learning all about foundation and concrete (the girls loved making concrete), we got to explore what was hidden beneath our carpet and behind our walls. And yes, we had countless trips to Home Depot.

We had to completely gut our downstairs. It took two months to complete the job. Needless to say, I felt totally unprepared for the new school year. I didn’t have access to my books so I couldn’t really plan and well, I felt pretty bad about it.

It wasn’t until our first week of school ended that I realized the flood, in all of its awfulness, gave me a tremendous gift – one that I would not have given myself. The flood forced me to stop teaching, planning, and thinking about home schooling. So when I finally started to plan — I did from a fresh perspective.

This changed how I home-school – mainly our schedule. The break helped me to see opportunities within our day that I couldn’t see before. It helped me to plan differently and offered me the space to really ask myself questions like, do we really need to do this? 

We are in our third week of school and I can honestly say that things are going great. Our new schedule is loved by all and I am already seeing the sense and fruit of my changes.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not thankful the flood came — but I do see blessings that came from it.

Life does happen, in all things it is good to look for the good, the positive, the hopeful, the blessings–oftentimes they are always there.

Praying for your school year ~ until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



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