I am super excited to tell you about the latest addition to our family.

We would like to introduce to you, The WE+3 Podcast!

Riverside High SchoolComputer Club

In the podcast I am joined by my hubby, Khari and we talk about all things regarding family life.  We will give a glimpse into our week, discuss some topics that we see out on the internet and more!  Occasionally, the kids will join us as well.

Like you, we have ups and downs.  We have opinions about family life and challenges to being a parent.  We each bring something unique to our collective and we are eager to share our journey with you.  Why?  Because…. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We are in the baby stages and are enjoying the journey of figuring out something new together. We are on iTunes, Google Play and your favorite podcast app.  So please check out our podcast and give us a 5-star rating on iTunes to help the community grow.

If you leave us a 5-star comment on iTunes we will read it on the podcast!

We hope you enjoy listening to our journey, find encouragement and strength in numbers!

And remember… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!


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