5 Free Apps I Can’t Live Without (and you probably never heard of them)

A couple of years ago, I fully gave in to the fact that apps do make life better. Since that grand realization (I know…I am a late bloomer) I have found and use many apps to help me keep it all together. But there are 5 Apps that I use almost every day. If you aren’t familiar with these apps I strongly suggest you give them a try.

praying_bw_landscape_5001#1 – Mobile Knee: 

I was looking for an app to help me keep track of my prayer requests. This app does that and so much more! Not only can you record prayer request, but when the Lord answers it you can go back and mark it ANSWERED. It brings me such joy to scroll through and look at all those answered prayers! It strengthens my faith and reminds me God hears my prayers, He is able, and I can trust Him! Another feature I like about this app is the journal. It is very easy to use and I take my Bible study and sermon notes right on the phone. If you are looking for a prayer app, check this one out.

weather-live-app-poster-computelogy2#2 – Weather Live:

Alright, when it comes to checking the weather I am more of a pop my head out the door kind of girl. That technique doesn’t always work, let me tell you. I have used other weather apps before but the truth is, I wasn’t drawn to them. This app is different. I actually want to look at the weather on the app because it is beautiful, really, that’s it ya’ll. This is a pretty app. Let me also say that it is accurate (haven’t had any problems in that area) and I also love the way it is organized – it makes sense. But the main attraction is …it is attractive! Check it out.

246x0w3#3 – Smart Recorder:

I actually got this one from my friend who is able to keep all the plates in the air (I think that’s how the saying goes). She uses the recorded to capture thoughts and get stuff done. I use it for that very same thing. It is super helpful when it comes to lesson planning and future planning. I love using it when I am in the car because I experience some of my best thinking time when I am driving. With this app I don’t have to worry about forgetting something because it allows me to capture my thoughts on the go.


246x0w4#4 – Canon Print:

As a homeschooling mom I do a lot of printing. We have a wireless printer in out home (which I think is one of the smartest inventions) that I pray doesn’t break because I would be lost without it. I have to thank my hubby for this app. With this app you can print anything (from any where) straight from your phone. Oftentimes when I am out and about  I find things I want to print. With this app it is easy to print it and have it waiting for me when I get home. It is like my own personal assistant – I love it!




This is the latest (and greatest) addition to my growing app family. Most mornings I get out of bed with a long to-do list dragging behind me. I needed something to help me organize all the many tasks I need to do related to all the many hats I wear. I have used to-do list apps before, but the thing that is nice about this one is the you can easily organize all your many tasks under different categories. I also like that it is easy to read, and each category is assigned a different (and vibrant) color. Another feature is that you can easily rearrange your tasks according to your priority and there is also a notes page – which is useful. This app is helping me get things done (like this post).

Now you have it, my top 5 apps that help my life. What are your favorite apps? What helps keep you motivated and organized? Sharing is caring! Let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



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