Reason #2 – TOG Time

Last month I decided to start capturing our reasons for homeschooling. As I shared in my post about Reason # 1, there are a lot of reasons why my husband and I home school. To be more specific, there were about 3 main reasons why we decided to give homeschooling a try and several new reasons why we are continue to do so.

So Reason # 2 is one of the reasons that came along the way. To be completely honest with you all (because that is what I always vow to do) this reason wasn’t one of our original 3, but it should have been.

Through the years, I have become so thankful that home schooling provides us ample time in the morning to gather and have family devotions.

Our family devotional time has looked different throughout the years. Recently, we adopted a style that our eldest daughter brought back to us from her recent experience during her first youth camp.  They call it TOG Time (although she wasn’t sure what TOG stands for…we believe it might stand for Time Of God).

How it works is that each of us take our Bibles and find a separate and quiet space in our home. The little one gets her picture book Bible, crayons and papers – so this can work for the little ones too. We all read (or look) within the same book and we have time in God’s sweet word alone. Because we know the Word is alive and active, I have been encouraging us all to go to the Word full of expectation.

After a while, usually 20 -30 minutes (usually 15 minutes in I quietly read Bible stories to my little one), we come back together and share what popped  out at us and what we think God is sharing with us. We end our time in worship and prayer.

We have all enjoyed this new TOG  Time. I think everyone enjoys getting quiet and then coming back together to hear from one another.

Today we had to be up and out early. So our TOG Time was not as long and felt a little rush. Even though this could have been solved by me waking up a earlier – I was grateful that our home schooling lifestyle allows time in the mornings where we can begin with ample TOG Time. It truly makes all the difference in our day.

Ok, that is Reason #2  for me. What are your reasons for homeschooling, let us know in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

4 thoughts on “Reason #2 – TOG Time

    1. There is something a little different when I am outside, surrounded by nature. It is the one thing I have missed this with the rainy weather. Praying to get back outside next week. So looking forward to Fall!


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