My Homeschool Meet and Greet — Camie’s Cozy Corner

What a wonderful idea, a homeschool meet & greet! I always have many folks who are interested in finding out what this homeschooling thing is all about – those who are thinking about it for their own children and those who are not.

I think this is a brilliant way to allow people an opportunity to experience homeschooling and ask questions. It also is rewarding to display work and share lessons learned – sometimes we move so fast that we don’t take time to reflect on all that we have accomplished. I am thinking about hosting one of this nest year. Thanks Camie!

Enjoy the read – may it inspire you (especially the beautiful displays–she has a true talent for that). 

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

Last month I felt inspired to offer a homeschool meet and greet in my community. I wanted to give curious parents a chance to meet experienced homeschooling parents, such as myself, so they could see what homeschooling can look like, freely ask questions, learn about a local co-op, and see some of the different […]

via My Homeschool Meet and Greet — Camie’s Cozy Corner

3 thoughts on “My Homeschool Meet and Greet — Camie’s Cozy Corner

    1. I agree! I find that I am most inspired by my fellow homeschooling moms, dads, and kids. Folks are doing some pretty interesting things and are very resourceful. When I started out I knew very few people doing it –like only my sister whose children were older. We are homeschooling pioneers in our family, community, etc. so if we had an opportunity to attend a meet and greet like this it would have been super helpful. It is such a thoughtful way to give back to such a deserving community! Thanks for the comment!

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