Owl Art Project with MeeMaw…Free & Fabulous!

Lela was away at her very first youth retreat and that meant little sisters were left behind. So every day big sister was away I planned a fun activity the girls could look forward to. They called it Little Sister Camp.

On day three we invited MeeMaw over for an art party. My mom loves birds so when I found this free step-by-step art lesson on owls, I knew it would be a hit.

Before we started the project we watched a super fun and informative video about owls. We learned a lot of new facts and had fun sharing our favorite discovery.

Then it was time to start drawing. What I loved was being able to start the art video and be the student.

After each step I would pause the video making sure we all had enough time to complete each step.

Mom close up Owl

I was so impressed with how focused we all were. Look at the concentration!

Lourdes Drawing

We all were so excited to see how each person’s owl turned out. They were all great!

If you want to do this project all you will need is art paper, pencil, black marker and if you want to add colorssome markers and glitter pens (much easier to use),

If your kids do this projects please take a pic and share in the comment section below – my girls would get a kick out of it!

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed


4 thoughts on “Owl Art Project with MeeMaw…Free & Fabulous!

    1. Please try it — it was so much fun! Over the years I have struggled to make art work in our homeschool. Finally I found the solution that works best is me as a student. This project didn’t cost a lot and allowed us to add our own flare. I am actually thinking about hosting monthly art gatherings for the kids and their friends. I think it would be a cool way to help nurture friendships. Thanks for your comment!

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