Reason #1 – Morning Hugs

If you are a home schooling Mom, you are probably asked a lot why you homeschool.

Truth is, there are a lot of reasons why Khari and I homeschool our girls.

Yet, oftentimes when I struggle with answering the question fully…maybe because it is an ever evolving answer.

So I thought I would start capturing our reasons (in no particular order) as they come to me.

This morning I was struck with Reason #1 …all the extra time for hugs and snuggles!

Because the girls are around us more there simply exist more time for snuggles and hugs. I cherish these moments. Khari and I both soak them up as much as we can.

What a perfect way to begin my morning! Bed hugs with Lourdes is one of my favorites…and this pic was taken at 9:37 a.m.!

What are your reasons for homeschooling, let us know in the comment section below.

Enjoy today and get those extra hugs!

And remember…

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


  1. Oh I just love this! A bonus is that now that my son, whom I’ve been homeschooling since he was 6, is 15, he still likes to spend time with me.


    • Bless your 15 year old! See, I tell folks all the time –the teenage years don’t have to be awful. At least that is what I am claiming for my girls. It is nice to learn about your son enjoying time with you. I hear and see that a lot with hs families and I do think it is one of the benefits — we form over the years the habit of time together. Blessings to you Camie & thanks for sharing.

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