Teaching About Slavery

NPR’s Podcast, 1A is one of my favorite things to listen to as I am driving from here to there. I truly appreciate discussions that grapple with some of today’s and Yesterday’s toughest topics in a civil and honest way.

Recently they aired a podcast about how schools should teach slavery to students and featured the Zinn Education Project. The podcast explored how slavery has been taught in the past, how schools are approaching it currently, the challenges that teachers face, and some best practices for teaching about slavery in the different grade levels. 

As an African-American child growing up in predominantly all white schools, I remember very clearly when the subject was brought up in class. It was glanced over, maybe we spent two day on it…maybe?

One of the benefits homeschooling provides me is the ability to take time and teach things in the way that makes sense to you. Next year I will begin to discuss slavery with my girls and I was thankful for this discussion which was a conversation amongst teachers answering the question, “How do you teach slavery?” 

Listen to the podcast and check out the site — there are tons of free resources!

Now It’s Your Time to Shine!

Have you taught about US slavery? If so, how did you approach it? What materials did you use? How did your children grapple with the content? If you haven’t taught this yet, why? Is it because you aren’t there yet in history? Are you unsure? Or maybe, you don’t think it is relevant/important to you and your family/community. Share with us in the comment section below. We would love to learn from you!

As always until next time, Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


2 thoughts on “Teaching About Slavery

  1. Syda, Thanks so much for your comment. Properly educating our children (and many times ourselves) on exactly how our nation was created (the people and values), the institution of slavery and the cost it had to all involved is something that is important to do, despite whether you are black or white. I am hoping more and more great resources will be developed. Good luck to you and keep me posted.


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