What I’m Reading: Attack of the Killer Stinkbugs, Message in a Bottle, & the Last Male Northern White Rhino

I love reading a wide variety of things, from books to blogs and everything in between! Reading allows me the opportunity to meet myself in different ways and broadens what I think I know about the world around me. Most times when I have a moment of downtime, you will find me reading. Here is what I have been enjoying this week.

gettyimages-159235943-5818d2b95f9b581c0b4f940cWhen Twenty-Six Thousand Stinkbugs Invade Your Home

By Kathryn Schulz     

The New Yorker

March 5, 2018

Stinkbugs. They are not my favorite bug (actually come to think of it, I really don’t have a favorite bug). I actually remember when we first started seeing them in our Maryland home years ago. To us, we were like, “Oh hey there long-lost bug friend.” We were used to seeing them in South Korea where we lived for some time. So it was interesting that neighbors and friends had no idea what this military-like bug was. This article both intrigued me and gave me the heebeegeebees! Seriously, I was itching all over and will probably have stinkbug nightmares in the nights to come. The article lays out, at length, what they are, were the come from, the damage they cause (I had no idea) and the fact they move in large packs. They are invaders in our land without anyone or anything that can keep them in check.

Photo by: KyMillman.com
Helier Cheung

There has always been something so romantic about finding a message in a bottle. Being the lucky person to happen upon such a treasure that leads you on a quest to find out about the life that composed such a note. I mean movies have been made of this sort of thing! I will admit that when I was a child at the beach I often secretly wished a bottle would innocently brush up against my foot (it would have to come all the way up to my foot because I really don’t do deep water) and thus an adventure via a handwritten note, or map perhaps, would begin. Well, it hasn’t happened to me but it did happen to a family in West Australia and I found great joy in reading about their unexpected adventure all because of a old message in a bottle.

Sudan getting loved on by caregiver, Mohammed Doyo. The Washington Post via Getty Images

This May Be The Last Photo Post About The Last Male Northern White Rhino:                The northern white rhino inches closer to extinction

By Chris McGonigal   HuffPost

This one is a little sad. A bit of a tear-jerker. Before reading this article I didn’t know Sudan, that he is sick, or even the fact that his species is practically extinct. I shared this one with my girls. The pictures are so crisp and moving, you feel as if you are right there. Of course it sparked some pretty heart-moving conversations, but it also lead us to acknowledge how, in Sudan’s last days he is being so well loved and protected. It is a great example of what it looks like to love and care for someone or some animal to the end. Sudan, Mohammed Doyo and all those who know and love Sudan, we will be praying for you.

The featured photo of Sudan is courtesy of Petr Josek SNR/Reuters  

Now It’s Your Time to Shine!

What have you been reading this week? What article or blog post has inspired you, corrected you, helped you, or challenged you, or broaden your perspective? Please share in the comments section below and don’t forget to add the link so we can read it as well!

And as always, Stay encouraged & Be Blessed

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