Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids — Bilingual Mami

I am so grateful when some of the work has been done for me! I love using YouTube to help come alongside what I am teaching my kids. Unfortunately, I always remember YouTube as I am in the middle of a lesson. Often I am like, “Wait a minute, let me see it YouTube has anything.” It works, but it isn’t the best way. So when I stumbled across this blogpost from  Bilingual Mami I was very happy. Some of the channels I am familiar with, like FitnessBlender but there were quite a few I am eager to check out. If you are looking for ways to enhance your home school, read the post below. Thanks Bilingual Mami, and as always, Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

Thanks to technology, we can learn most subjects from YouTube. Offering videos, online field trips, learning a thing or two about let’s say farm life or cooking in the 18th century or who knows what your child will want to look up tomorrow morning. YouTube has it. YouTube has pretty much everything!!! It is the […]

via Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids — Bilingual Mami

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