What I’m Reading: On Letting Go, Dead Man’s Shoes & Batch Cooking

I love reading a wide variety of things from books to blogs and everything in between! Reading allows me the opportunity to meet myself in different ways and broadens what I think about the world around me. Most times when I have a moment of downtime, you will find me reading. Here is what I have been enjoying this week.


25275-mother-wave-bike-girl-daughter-goodbye-outside-green-fun-play-wide-1200w-tnMotherhood is Learning to Let Go

By: Lori Hatcher, Aug. 20, 2013


This article caught my attention this week, mainly because of the title. I was attempting to clean out my email when I ran across this article from 2013! In 2013 my oldest was only six years old, and so at that time I wasn’t confronted with the reality of ‘letting her go’. She and her sisters were still very much underfoot. Fast forward to 2018, that six year old is now 11 and I find myself having to give her more and more space (this summer she will be going on her first overnight camp). In 2013, this article wasn’t neccersaily what I needed, but I am so thankful I didn’t delete it because it is so speaking to me in this season.



1000 Days    By: Ra Avis, Rarasaur  1/29/2018

This one was an unexpected treat. I was hunting for something else (I can’t even honestly remember what it was) and stumbled across this blog post. The title, 1000 Days, caught my attention. 1000 days of what, I wondered. The carefully crafted story, full of raw emotion and vivid imagery, kept me reading. This is one to read as a gift to yourself. It will speak to you – no matter your circumstance or experience. I am so thankful for the gift of this narrative this week.

cookahead19 Rules of Batch Cooking, A Technique That Will Free You Up For Family Time

Updated Dec 06, 2017  BY CAMPBELL’S

Cooking. I love to cook but it is an on-going task that I never feel as though I have a handle on. I feel like I am always cooking. Being a homeschooling family, we eat from our kitchen 90% of the time. Recently we have decided to become vegans, so that adds a whole other layer of work to the mix. I have heard about batch cooking before and have even thought about doing it. This article provides the reader with some simple tips to cook a whole lot of food and to properly freeze it. I can’t wait to start cooking and freezing!

Now It’s Your Time to Shine!

What have you been reading this week? What article or blog post has inspired you, corrected you, helped you, or challenged you. Please share in the comment’s section below and don’t forget to add the link so we can read it as well!

And as always,

Stay encouraged & Be Blessed

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