Keeping Them Busy: Line Art

This morning I knew I had a longer-than-usual math lesson to teach Lela. This meant that half-way through, my two little ones (ages 7 & 5) would finish their seat work and get restless. Because I am a firm believer that when you don’t have a plan for them, they will come up with their own plan, I knew I needed to find something fun and engaging for them to do while I continued teaching Lela.

The other day the girls learned about the different types of lines (vertical, horizontal and obliques). I gave them a large white sheet of Crayola paper, pencils, ruler, markers and crayons.

On my board I demonstrated what I wanted them to do. This was really important because I didn’t want to be interrupted while I was teaching Lela.

For step one they needed to draw connecting lines using a pencil and ruler.

Niara line art ruler

Step two, they traced the lines with markers. For my 7 year old, she traced her lines according to what type of line it was. Then they colored the spaces between the lines.

Line art

They both loved creating their Line Art Projects. They were especially excited to be doing the same things and creating different pictures. They thought it was cool.

I loved it because it gave me 20 uninterrupted minutes so I could finish up Lela’s math lesson and they enjoyed it.

So what are some things you

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