Unexpected Words at My Portfolio Review

photo-1515437765356-882f1727ef38It is that time of year again where I organize binders and complete reports for our Portfolio Review. Now for those of you who live in a state or county that requires Portfolio Reviews you know exactly what I am talking about.

For those homeschooling families that have no clue what a Portfolio Review is, let me give you the quick version. During your mandated review (unless you are under an umbrella school or an accredited professional) you bring a report detailing materials used and concepts/skills learned, along with a variety of examples for the different content areas, to a face-to-face (or now online) meeting with a county school representative.

Although I find the process of packing up and lugging materials to a meeting annoying, I always enjoy taking a moment away from teaching and having a conversation with someone totally outside of our homeschool world about the work my girls are doing. I often receive some very good advice about programs, field trips, and resources which is very helpful.

This review I was rushing to the appointment from another meeting and didn’t feel as prepared as I normally am for my review meetings. My reviewer, an older and gentle-spirit, noticed my frantic expression and told me to relax and take a breath. He then thoughtfully looked at the work and asked questions and spoke to specific things he thought the girls were doing well, like their handwriting.

At the end of my review as I was headed out the door, I thanked the organizer, letting her know I enjoyed the experience and she told me, “We are all so impressed and encouraged by our homeschooling families. You guys are amazing! We learn so much from what you are doing in your homes with your children and we bring back tips and ideas to our teachers. So thank you and please pass the Good Job, Thank You, and Keep Up the Excellent Work along!”.

Those words were so unexpected yet so needed.

I was so encouraged by her words and the fact the work we are doing is deemed valuable to a county official.

Times are changing, I don’t think I would have heard those words 10 years ago, but I am grateful I am hearing them now.

So to all my homeschooling parents out their, “Good Job, Thank You & Keep Up the Excellent Work!”

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed


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