This Week’s Reading: Black Panther, Smart Phones & Mr.Rogers

I love reading a wide variety of things from books to blogs and everything in between! Reading allows me the opportunity to meet myself in different ways and broadens what I think about the world around me. Most times when I have a moment of downtime, you will find me reading. Here is what I have been enjoying this week.

‘Black Panther’ Is A Superhero Story You Haven’t Seen Before – And It’s Thrillingbackground


By Glen Weldon

February 12, 20188:43 AM ET

I am not really a Superhero fan but my husband is and so over the years I have actually grown in both knowledge and appreciation for the superheros and their super villains.

Black Panther is a comic book that my husband has been waiting years to hit the big screen in a big way. This Friday I will be his date and finally meet the Black Panther.

I was searching for articles to read so I had some background information and this one provided a good mixture of the back story along with ideas as to why this movie presents a powerful message and is a must see. Needless to say, I am excited for Friday!

people-2583509_128012 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You 

Missionary Mama

Laura Thomas

Feb. 2, 2018

I was just talking with my husband about the need to put more boundaries around our phone devices. Sneaky little things they are, I have found myself giving way to much attention too them, always needing to check and see if anything new happened. So when I came across this article I saw it as God’s way of confirming what I know we need to do–set boundaries on our phones!


The Radical and Simple Faith of Mr. Rogers

The Washington Post

January 30

I, like many others, grew up with Mr. Rogers as my neighbor. I loved everything about the show, including the magical train and his gentle way of speaking. I didn’t know, and admit never even thought about, who he was as a person. So when I came across this article I happy to learn about the dear Fred Rogers that touched so many lives in a positive way. Won’t you be my neighbor!

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