Circle Line Art School: An Online Offering

If you have been following our homeschooling journey you know that visual art + mommy = disaster.

Over the years I have relied on home-based art programs to teach the girls art. I have been truly impressed with the art they have been able to create, along with their growing understanding of art concepts and history.

This year Lela really wanted to focus more on sketching and drawing. My niece told me about this online school that has tons of free tutorial videos on YouTube. I had Lela do one lesson to see how she liked it and she LOVED it.


Tom McPherson is the founder of Circle Line Art School. He is an artist and freelance art teacher in England. He started these online art classes because he believes that everyone can learn how to draw.

His focus is on How to Draw art content and he currently offers two ways to participate – free online classes and his for purchase Online Art Course.


Lela has been doing the free classes and feels like she is improving her drawing techniques. She likes the fact that he gives calm, step-by-step instructions. She also likes that she can stop the video whenever she needs to  so she can get it right.

If you’re in the market for a fun, effective, and free online art class check out Circle Line Art . Below is an introductory video that provides a glimpse of the projects your kids will do with Circle Line Art School.

Since you all know I struggle with art programs, please let me know how you handle teaching art to your children, especially older children. What resources do you use? Which ones would you suggest I stay away from? All advice is needed & appreciated so please leave it in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed



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