Keys for Kids: Online Radio Daily Devotions

I stumbled upon Keys for Kids.

Over the holiday break, I was searching for another way for us to do our family devotions, or at least something else to add to it.

I came across Keys for Kids and became interested when I discovered it offers a daily radio-story devotional program.


We tried it and the girls really loved it. They enjoy listening to the story and talking about what happened. Also, the devotional scripture is put into context within the story – so they are able to see God’s word at work.

Keys for Kid’s mission is “to ignite a passion for Christ in the hearts of kids and their families.”

It is appropriate for children ages 6 -12 as they deal with a lot real life issues children and families face such as divorce, lost of a love one and unemployment.

You can choose to read or listen to the message. They also have an App which makes it easy to take the Keys with you when you travel.

If you are looking for a family devotional, check out Keys for Kids, it may just be right for your family.

How does your family do devotions?  When do you do it? What resources do you use? We would truly be blessed by your sharing so leave your comments in the section below.

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



2 thoughts on “Keys for Kids: Online Radio Daily Devotions

  1. Anna, so glad you guys like it! These short little stories are sparking some really deep and interesting conversations in our house. If you come across any other good devotional resources please share!


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