Story Mapping with Pout Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark

One of my favorite classes to teach is literature. I have always loved teaching the wonders of books.

When a child begins to understand how stories are constructed it helps the story come  alive. It also provides them the proper tools as they begin to write their own stories.


In our literature class today I decided to use a familiar story to review for Niara (3rd grade) and introduce to Lourdes (1st grade) parts of a story. 

I love using picture books to teach literary concepts to the girls. I still use picture books with my 6th grader.


Today, I decided to read a story my girls love (it is actually one of their favorite bedtime books), The Pout-Pout Fish and the Big-Big Dark.

Before reading the book we talked about elements of a story: plot structure, characters, setting, and the fact the all stories have a problem and a resolution. Lourdes was especially fascinated with this fact.

Each girl was given a graphic organizer to map out the story.


As I read the story aloud to the girls we stopped along the way and discussed the parts.


After, the girls completed the organizers (I acted as Lourdes’ scribe). They were very excited about their finished product.

They really loved working together to map out and think about this story. Of course, their favorite part was when the two fish smooched at the end!


I hope this helps give ideas for teaching literature to your little ones.

Have any great ideas that you used in the past, please share it as I would love to use it!

As always,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed

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