My 5 Go to Vegan Meals I Freeze to Get Me Through the Fall!

Summer is almost over and that means back to everything!

Last year I found myself constantly feeling so behind and overwhelmed when it came to feeding my family healthy and nutritious plant based meals. Due to the fact we primarily eat from home, I knew I had to approach things differently.

My plan this year is to stock my freezer with goodies to make feeding my family, especially during our busy days, easier.

So today I thought I would share with you my 5 dishes that I will be making and freezing for the days ahead.

Slow Cooker Thai Yellow Curry (Vegan + Gluten Free)


I stumbled across this reciepe one day when I was craving curry.  The ingredients in this reciepe made my mouth drool and I couldn’t wait to give it a try — especially because it is a slow cooker reciepe (boy how I love having my slow cooker share the load!). We all love this so much it is on our weekly menu. It is super easy to make and very versatile as well. I double the recipe so I get about 10 servings. Also, I never used the lemongrass as one of my girls isn’t a fan, and it still taste yummy. I also use fresh veggies instead of frozen (except the peas) and I omit the raisins. I even make it with cauliflower. I serve it over brown rice. So yummy!

Lentil Soup


So the funny thing is, as I am typing this post my pot of lentil soup is simmering away. We all love lentil soup. It is such a comforting and satisfying dish that leaves us all floating from the table. It also is an inexpensive way to feed your family. I double this reciepe so I can freeze half for another day. We eat this delicious soup with french bread. 

Vegan Black Bean & Corn Taco Filling:


In our house Tuesday night is Taco Night. But Tuesday night is also Ballet night which means we get in the house around 6:45 p.m., tired and hungry!  The first time I made this recipe I knew I hit the jackpot – the kids were happy to have tacos and hubby was happy the tacos were filling. Since we loved it so much, I needed to figure out a way to make this dish with a little less work. So when I make this dish I keep the spirit of the dish with a few small changes. First, everything goes right in my crockpot — the beans, onions, frozen corn and seasonings, with a little water — all right in. I also like to add a dash of liquid smoke (I could designate an entire post about my love of liquid smoke) and red peppers. The other thing I do to make taco night a breeze is after I place all those goodies in the crockpot, I dice up all my veggie toppings so all I have to do is put everything on the table and dig in.

Vegan Lemon Pound Cake


So, who really needs to be convinced to eat pound cake — not me! In fact, I first fell in love with lemon pound cake at Starbucks. It used to be I could not go in a Starbucks without getting my slice of lemony deliciousness. We have been trying hard to limit sweets to Sunday night and eat sweets that are a little healthier. I was determined to find a reciepe that could replace my Starbucks cake and I did! This cake is so…well, nurturing! It is so good it nurtures you! I make about 4 – 5 loaves at a time and freeze. I love having these for Sunday dinner. It is also super convenient to have on hand when guest come over. Nothing like a cup of tea and a slice of lemon pound cake. Instead of using oil, I simply replace the oil with applesauce. Here is another important fact, lemon pound cake actually tastes even better when they have had time in the freezer!

Oatmeal Date Cookies:


Who doesn’t need a cookie in their life every now and then? These cookies are so tasty and nutritious that we eat them for breakfast sometimes. Since I am avoiding sugar and oil I simple replace the coconut sugar with a ripe banana and I swap equal parts applesauce for the coconut oil. I triple this reciepe as we all have to have some as soon as they cool down, but I also like to have ample cookies in my freezer.

I hope these freezer friendly recipes help you get through your busy days easier. 

If you try any of these please let me know. Also, if you have recipes that do well in the freezer, please leave it in the common section below.

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


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