My Futures Board:The Struggle Is Real!

I struggle with organization.

I always have.

In my mind everything is well planned and I move throughout the day in a calm fashion–from one task to the next. So orderly.

But that is so not my reality. My kids compare me to the mom character, Frankie, from the show, The Middle. I must confess that when Khari and I discovered Frankie and her family I felt a sort of connection…an embarrassing yet hopeful, “someone really does get my life” type of connection.

This is how I feel when my life is creeping up on me.

I know…

So I struggle with organization and I mean that in the most guttural sense of tense that occupies the physical space within the letter frame of that word, struggle.

In my constant fight to one day arrive in tranquil bliss land, I come up with all sorts of strategies and techniques to help me. Most fail miserably, but every now and then I come across a winner.

My recent winner… my very own Futures Board (a corporate-sounding name I gave it).


One of the main problems I have is what I will call brain dumps. I have no idea why I dump my brain but it happens. The result is that every morning when I begin to teach I start off rather lost, having forgotten exactly where I left off and what needs to happen next.

The greatest challenge is I couldn’t see where I was headed. I am not talking about the BIG VISION.  I couldn’t see the next two to three steps in front and it was slowing us all down.

Well I am sure at least one person reading this understands what I am going through.

So I decided to put right on my wall my Future Plan for the week. This little board is like my rock.

I can quickly look at it and it helps me remember where I am headed. The girls also like seeing what work they will be doing.

At the end of the week, which for us is usually Thursday because we have co-op on Fridays, I change the information on the board and get ready for the next week!

Now It’s Your Time too Shine!

What helps keep you on track and organized? Please share your helpful tips in the comment section below! 

And until next time, Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



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