Winter Landscape Art Project

In this week’s art lesson the girls were introduced to landscapes! We learned that:

Landscapes are works of art that feature scenes of nature: mountains, lakes, gardens, rivers, etc. They can be oil paintings, watercolors, gauche, pastels, or prints of any kind.

Before the girls worked on creating their own landscape we took time to observe landscapes.

Poppy Field (1873) by Claude Monet

Niara especially liked this one because of the pretty red flowers. She said she would love to live there.


Lela was really drawn to this modern landscape–she loves the colors and how it makes her feel when she looks at it.


Lourdes looked at the little girl in this picture and said she wants to do that too!

We looked at, what seemed to be thousands of landscapes from classical paintings to modern, unknown artists and they enjoyed it all. As we looked at each one we pointed out the characteristics of the landscape and discussed how it made us feel, what it made us think about, and what we think the artist is trying to express.


Then it was finally time for the girls to create their own winter landscape masterpieces. I use the HomeArtStudio curriculum, a dvd based art class. My girls absolutely love their art teacher, I do too!


Instead of using paints to create landscapes, the girls used construction paper.


What was so great is the day we worked on winter landscapes, it started to flurry. Unfortunately we didn’t get that much snow, but they still got hot cocoa!

Now it’s your turn to shine!

What art work have your little ones (or big ones) created? Take a picture and share.

Until next time…Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

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