The Universe in a Box: Our 2nd Mystery Science Project

I found out about Mystery Science last year and we had our first lesson which asked the question, Could a Volcano Erupt in Your Backyard? We all loved that lesson and learned so much. I have been looking for lessons to go with what we are currently learning. Needless to say I was thrilled to find a lesson that meshed so well with our current science program. Our second mystery science lesson presented us with this question:

Why do the stars change with the seasons?

This year is The Year of Astronomy! The girls have been enjoying learning all about our universe and everything that is in it (stars, galaxies and solar system). During science classes with Professor Auntie Pam, we all learn so much!

The Village Kids! Lourdes, Lela, Niara & Linda (front & left to right)

Recently we have been focusing on stars. So over our winter break I thought that it would be super fun for the girls to do a science project involving the stars. This project was also perfect because it went so nicely with our Ancient History studies.


The very best thing about mystery science lessons is that I too am a student. All I have to do is print the worksheets, gather the materials and start the online video lesson. Easy as pie (I so appreciate pie!).


This lesson explains the Earth’s orbital movement around the Sun, as a means of seeing why the constellations change. The videos did a fantastic job showing the Earth’s movement around the sun.


At the end of the lesson the girls made their very own universe in  box and could explain why the constellations in our night sky change and they could identify the different constellations.


Another thing I like about Mystery Science lessons is that they make it easy to differentiate between grade/skill levels. My Kindergarten and 2nd grader were able to participate and get the lesson. For my 5th grader, I gave her extra higher-level thinking questions about the lesson that they had available. So loved that!


If you are looking for fun and effective science lessons that you don’t have to teach, check out Mystery Science lessons. Throughout the year they offer free membership, that is when I sign up.

Now it’s your time to shine!

Have any great resources that help you teach science, please share about it in the comment section below!

Until next time…Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!







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