Model Magic: I’m Back In Love!

Over the years, my husband and I have found ourselves in a love / hate relationship with playdough. We love the fact that it keeps our girls occupied for hours but we simply hate the mess!

What it does to carpet is simply downright abusive, I mean really!

So Khari and I instituted a rule–a golden rule in our house:


Then one day I happened to be walking through Michael’s with my niece trying to get ready for our Thanksgiving dinner. We were searching for something the girls could have that was special at their table setting. She grabbed what I thought was playdough.

This is the actual one she got–we both loved the three separate containers.

Oh, sweet niece of mine, I thought inside my head, oh so young–you know nothing about the cruelty of playdough, how could you…your only 14.


I let her put it in my basket, me determined not to even look at it. We were eating at a restaurant that had hardwood floors, I told myself. Besides, I have never been good at telling my niece no…it’s those eyes of hers.

I got them some tools as well so they can create their works of art!

When my girls saw their surprise on their plate they were so excited. I was also happy because…well, it kept them occupied. They came up with all types of wonderful shapes and animals while we waited to be served.

I am planning to do this with the girls when we learn all about lions.

Then I got handed a piece. What? What is this? This isn’t…playdough? This is something completely different. It is super soft and doesn’t dry out. It doesn’t stick to carpet or anything.

There is literally no mess at all!

I showed my girls this picture by DiscoPotatoe for some inspiration. Lourdes love the caterpillar!

I am back in love!

This is what I am planning to get ya’ll…a whole big box shipped right to my door!

It is a bit more pricey than your average playdough (but hey, that is because it is so not average). The package sizes are limited as well. I usually get the multi-colored pack for the girls and they love it. You can find it at any craft store and amazon. I also noticed that the colors are individually wrapped.


Get this and get your peace back!

shine20logoYour time to shine: What is your favorite toy that total draws your kiddos in without the mess. I need birthday ideas you guys!

Until then: Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


2 thoughts on “Model Magic: I’m Back In Love!

  1. I know Camie! It is like pure magic. My girls never tire of playing with this stuff. I have decided that this is going to be one of my gifts (birthdays, etc.) for this year–a nice bag of no mess dough with all the gadgets and a notecard telling mom and dad they can relax–NO MESS!


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