Sage Carrington Books: Adventure STEM Books for Young Learners

On of the girl’s favorite Christmas presents this year was a collection of Sage Carrington books.


My mom’s neighbor happens to know the author, Justin Scott Parr, and gave an autographed set to my girls. He even happens to be from my hometown, DC!


This was our first time meeting Sage and joining her on her many STEM-based adventures including learning about the weather, dinosaurs and ladybugs–all favorite topics in our house.


The fun doesn’t end once the story has finished! There are several pages for simple and fun activities that can be done in your home like making rain.

All three of my girls enjoyed reading the books, especially four year Lourdes who commented that Sage is so pretty and that she has nice hair! I agree–she is super cute and super smart. I know we will be joining Sage on many adventures!

When we went on the the site we discovered that Sage also has adventures for older children. I am planning to get this book for Lela’s birthday!


Please be sure to check out these books and support such great work! You and your children (or neighbor’s children) won’t be disappointed!

Big thanks to Justin for creating such wonderful books!!

shine20logoYour Time to shine! What’s your favorite children’s books?

Until then…Stay encouraged & Be blessed!!


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