Christmas showered our family with lots of board games. I love board games and have been looking forward to the day where we could have a successful (no melt-downs) family game night. This week was it.


We pulled out one of my all-time favorites,Operation  (click the pic above for details), and huddled around our coffee table.


Let me tell you, operating is not easy–at all.

The girl’s discovered that their dad has some mad skills–including an abundance of patience (he carefully took his time to get the bones in the perfect position) and a steady hand.


Needless to say he won!

We all had so much fun and are looking forward to playing again! I am going to be giving the gift of board games for next Christmas!

shine20logoYour Time to Shine: What are your family’s favorite board games?

Until next time…Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



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  1. Funny you mention scrabble. I just put was telling my friend that I wonder if my girls are ready for that. Big scrabble fan!



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