How to Fix a Wobbly Chair

One thing the holidays do is let you know just what things in your house need some TLC.


Like forks. 

We simply do not know what happens to the forks and spoons in our house Lately it has been impossible to set a proper table for all five of us, let alone guest. Khari and I keep looking at each other in disbelief? Are The Borrowers really real, we wonder. Could there actually be little tiny people that live in the cracks of our house who come out at night and take our cutlery?

My sister and dear friend let us know that probably wasn’t the case. The same thing happens in their house. The culprits, we concluded are our children. We are convinced our little people are throwing the forks and spoons in the trash.

That is a whole other post–solving that problem.

But there is another problem that happens because of good ole fashion wear-and-tear. It causes just as much discomfort as a trying to eat soup with a knife (yeah…kind of doesn’t work) but is actually not that hard to fix. A wobbly (and squeaky) chair.

If you are like me you have a chair (or two) that is a little wobbly. We were grateful for this video that gave us a practical, fast and inexpensive way to solve the chair problem.

I was especially impressed with the ‘twist’ technique.

Any advice on children accidentally tossing the cutlery in the trash is greatly appreciated!

We have been relying on youtube videos to help show us how to do some home improvements. As first time homeowners we are especially green in this department. Let me hear from you. What is your favorite home improvement video or site?

Until next time…Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!


One thought on “How to Fix a Wobbly Chair

  1. This is kind of a coincidence because last night I just read a poem about the poet’s guests throwing away her everyday chopsticks, thinking that they were disposable (like in a restaurant). Whenever something goes missing in the kitchen, I suspect whoever did the dishes (me, most often). Just check your trash before it goes outside because my daughter accidentally threw away her favorite stuff animals when she was leaving for college. It fell in the trash out of her bed and she was on her cell and not paying attention when she took out the trash . . . . Who knows what little ones are throwing away haha!


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