Lourdes’ Kindergarten Curriculum: 2016 ~2017

Let me just say right from the start, Lourdes LOVES kindergarten!!!


Seriously, I believe she has been waiting for this moment in her life for a long (ok…I know she is just four) time.


She feels like such the big girl, being able to do things she sees her big sister do. I have been blown away by her enthusiasm and am thankful for it.


This year I planned around her. She is the one who requires my attention and help the most, so I thought it wise to plan for it.

Lourdes’ day begins with story&draw time while her sister, Niara does copy work. I turn on our study music low just to have something in the background and she climbs up on my lap and settles in for a story. Right now we are half-way through Read-to-Me Storybook. After our story I ask her questions about what she heard and we have a little quiet conversation about it. I am always amazed by what grabbed her attention in the stories. She then goes back to her seat where paper and crayons and markers are waiting for her to capture the story she heard. She absolutely loves her story&draw time!

Well you have to find a reason to make brownies!

Next we transition right into our Little Lionesses Class with her sister Niara. During Little Lionesses class we learn about things in our world. This week we just finished up learning about community helpers. They absolutely LOVE this class. We read stories, sing songs, role play and create some pretty amazing artwork. I know I just stated that Lourdes loves story&draw time but she REALLY LOVES Little Lionesses Class. She retains so much and is excited to use what she discovers in class in the outside world. Our trips in the car now include her pointing out each and every community member she spots.

DSC_0790After Little Lionesses Class we do math. For her program I use Saxon Math K (for my review of Saxon click here). I am a huge fan of Saxon and have used it for the other girls. Lourdes enjoys all the hands on activities, especially the counting bears–they are her friends! For extra practice (during independent work time) she works on creating a Math Book. The book reviews concepts learned. She is so thrilled that she is making an actual book and loves to show it off.

For Language Art at this age I focus heavily on phonics and I take it slow and steady. Every week she learns about a new letter (I teach them first in order and then go back and review the vowels). She learns to recognize the letter, write it, and say the letter sound(s). I do not use a premade curriculum for this but I do get a lot of inspiration for letter crafts from pinterest (thanks pinterest folks!). After we work through the alphabet she will begin McRuffy’s Language Arts K program. We also read a lot of stories. Our days begin and end with storytime, sometimes I read to her and other times she (picture)reads to me. She also enjoys her sister’s storytime as well.

DSC_1159In history it is all about Ancient Times and Lourdes is learning right alongside her sisters. I am using Story of the World, Volume I as well as this lap book (free). I really like SOTW (especially for younger kids) and have written my thoughts about it here. Another great resource for history is the internet. There are tons of resources and great ideas on the internet. I am looking forward to the girls developing their own civilization, creating a time capsule, building a pyramid out of sugar cubes (or chocolate cake…I can’t decide yet), and oh, so much more!

Every Tuesday we head over to my sister’s house for Village School.  Village School begins with a sit-down lunch prepared by my big sis, Cherie (thank you so much). She also sends me home with dinner (amazing right)! During our lunch we have our Faith Talk which is lead by Cherie. Every week we have a conversation around the following two questions: When and how did you encounter Jesus this week?  What is another life practice of Jesus that we should include in our life? Everyone participates, including Lourdes. I am so grateful for this time–for the intentional space created to invite the Lord in and to witness to one another.  

DSC_4124After lunch we do Science. Science this year is bound to be fun because, well we have Professor (Auntie) Pam helping us out. Our science experience was so enriched last year by the presence of Professor Pam who dropped by and conducted fun and engaging labs including dissecting a frog! This year it is all about our universe. That is right, we are going to be learning all about astronomy and I for one am super excited about it. Like history we are using several different resources to build out this program. We also have some pretty cool field trips lined up including the Hayden Planetarium in New York!

That is all for Lourdes!  If you haven’t already checked out what Lela (5th grade) and Niara (2nd grade) are studying this year, please do so.

Also, if you have used any of the resources or have any wisdom to share about teaching these topics — please SHARE! I am all about sharing, so let me know if you have any questions as well.

Thanks for visiting and as always,

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!



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