Niara’s 2nd Grade Curriculum: 2016~2017

Yesterday I shared what Lela, my 5th grade beauty is learning.


Today I am sharing what my super sweet 2nd grader, Niara is learning.

For starters, Niara is very excited to be a 2nd grader. She thinks it is way cool.

We begin every morning with copy work. This year Niara is copying the Book of Matthew. We are on Matthew 2:3! She is so proud of herself for being able to copy from the board. She also loves reading (always from the beginning) everything she has written.

I jus love this picture of my Lionesses!
I just love this picture of my Lionesses! Niara carrying little sis!

After copy work we head into Little Lionesses Class. This is my special time with Niara and her little sister, Lourdes. During Little Lionesses class we learn about things in our world. This week we just finished up learning about community helpers. They absolutely LOVE this class. We read stories, sing songs, role play and create some pretty amazing artwork.



Niara’s favorite subject by far (for now) is math. Seriously, I give her extra math drill sheets for fun.  We use Saxon Math 2 (for my review of Saxon click here).


For Language Arts…well, there are a lot of moving pieces. Like her big sis, she self-paces through most of it on her own. We use Handwriting Without Tears 2, Explode the Code 3, Spelling Workout B and Grammar 2. For reading we use Rod & Staff’s Bible Nurture and Stories Series 2.

Niara is taking a new class this year, current events and she loves it! I love it because it is all on the computer and it is free! I use a news site, Tweentribune. She reads the articles, takes a short quiz, and posts comments. This has really helped make news interesting.

In history it is all about Ancient Times! I am using several resources to pull this together this year. I will be teaching all three of my girls at the same time, so I decided to create a curriculum that allowed me to do just that. The great thing about the Ancient period is there are tons of resources and great ideas on the internet. I am looking forward to the girls developing their own civilization, creating a time capsule, building a pyramid out of sugar cubes (or chocolate cake…I can’t decide yet), and oh, so much more!

Every Tuesday we head over to my sister’s house for Village School.  Village School begins with a sit-down lunch prepared by my big sis, Cherie (thank you so much). She also sends me home with dinner (amazing right)! During our lunch we have our Faith Talk which is lead by Cherie. Every week we have a conversation around the following two questions: When and how did you encounter Jesus this week?  What is another life practice of Jesus that we should include in our life? Everyone participates, including the four year old. I am so grateful for this time–for the intentional space created to invite the Lord in and to witness to one another.  

After lunch we do Science. Science this year is bound to be fun because, well we have Professor (Auntie) Pam helping us out. Our science experience was so enriched last year by the presence of Professor Pam who dropped by and conducted fun and engaging labs including dissecting a frog! This year it is all about our universe. That is right, we are going to be learning all about astronomy and I for one and super excited about it. Like history we are using several different resources to build out this program. We also have some pretty cool field trips lined up including the Hayden Planetarium in New York!


20150530_102019For physical education, Niara takes ballet at the Washington School of Ballet. She is in Pre-Ballet 3 and loves it.  This is an exciting year because she is joining her sister in the Nutcracker as a Bumblebee.

That is it for Lela! Next up…Lourdes!


Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the classes or resources that we use, I love to share. Also, if you have used a resource I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about it.

And as always…Stay encouraged & Be blessed!

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