Max Lucado’s Fearless Parenting: This Week’s Inspirational Hour

I am a huge fan of Max Lucado. I first met him through his famous Wemmicks. My niece, Jordan, loved those Wemmicks and so I spent several hours reading her You Are Special over and over (along with her other favorite, Strega Nona). When my children came along, those Wemmicks got passed along and I find myself still enjoying sharing the story of the Wemmicks.

Then there came Hermie and Friends, an absolute family favorite. I just adore this show–the garden characters, the problems they face and how God is always right there and ever ready to help…and in such a calm and steady way!

That is how I came to know Max Lucado, and my affection and appreciation for his work continues to grow. I love how he ministers through story. When I stumbled upon this teaching from him I became so excited. I listened to it while deep cleaning my little ones’ room (I am amazed at the things I find under their beds!).  Here again, he uses his gift of storytelling to minister–but this time to us parents. He speaks to aspects of parenting that resonates in us all–the fear of…well, there are so many ways to fill in that blank.

When you have a few moments, I hope you listen to this talk and that it encourages you as much as it has me!

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!

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