Art: Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Sunflowers have always been the flower that I think best captures who I am (you know in flower form).


Tall happy flowers always head up, looking for the sun. They inspire me.


So when I discovered that this week’s art lesson was centered around the sunflower, I knew it was going to be a joy-filled experience.

Lourdes smelling a sunflower for the very first time.

Lourdes smelling a sunflower for the very first time.

The weather had finally given in to the season of spring and we were just getting used to waking up in the mornings and running outside to soak up the sun.

Lourdes is all about the sunny days!

We do art in the late afternoons on Wednesdays, right before dinner which is nice because Khari gets to participate. This week’s lesson was all about Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. After pointing out parts of the sunflower, they were ready to begin creating their masterpiece!

Lela learning about the parts of the sunflower.

While they worked on their art they learned interesting facts about Van Gogh and art work produced in France in the 1890’s.

Niara busy at work cutting out sunflowers.

They also learned about techniques Van Gogh used in a lot of his paintings which was thick application of paints and vivid colors.

Lourdes making seeds.

 Lela thought is was such a terrible thing that he didn’t get to experience how much people valued his work while he was living.

Niara working on those thick, vivid brushstrokes.

After their art was complete they watched a video of Van Gogh’s painting.


The house was filled with awwwws…

Once again, we all were grateful for such a good art lesson from HomeArtStudio.

Stay Encouraged & Be Blessed!






3 thoughts on “Art: Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

  1. Thanks Camie, the kids are pretty proud of their masterpieces. I must admit I am always a bit intimidated when I see what we are suppose to create (visual arts is not a strength of mine) but amazingly, through really solid instruction that is peaceful and affirming we all get there. I am thankful for the program and the girls are enjoying art and learning fun and interesting things along the way! Thanks for your comment.


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