Dissecting Fred the Frog

We have been spending a lot of time learning about living things, their needs, habitats, and body functions. In fact, the first half of the year was spent exploring all of these topics in fun and creative ways.

Even better, all three girls were able to learn alongside each other which made planning and teaching science extra fun for them and extra easy for me.



They learned about plant life and grew some plants of their own in a water garden (super cool). It also meant their first pets! Two fish, Cierra and Candace, and a snail their dear dad named ‘Ricky Bobbie’.

They learned about the different animal groups which made our zoo visit extra fun!

They learned about plant and animal cells in a very tasty way.

And we learned a lot about frogs. Where they live, what the eat, how they jump. We looked outside and inside frogs and read some pretty fun books and watched videos too.


The Big Event was dissecting a frog with Auntie Pam. The girls were so excited for her to come over it was the first thing they would ask each morning, running downstairs in our classroom to check.

This is Lourdes who decided she was going to wait at the door for Auntie Pam to arrive.

I mean counting down the days excited!! They simply couldn’t wait to dissect a frog. Auntie Pam floats in monthly…our very own magical Science Mary Poppins-the girls are simply captivated by her presence and all the things she has for them. When the day finally came they couldn’t contain themselves.

They weren’t the only ones–I was super excited as I have never dissected anything before (I know…how did I manage that…long story).

She taught them all about the tools scientist use DSC_3253

and how to properly handle and care for them.


Here is Fred the Frog (I have no idea where that name came from).


The girls were able to observe so much–like the differences between human skin and frog skin, and how the sizes of lungs in frogs and human differ greatly.


I was so impressed with how well the girls did (especially 3 year old Lourdes) paying attention and doing class.

Khari and I were so worried that Lourdes would have ‘frogs in my bed nightmares’ since tigers appeared in her dreams after our visit to the zoo. Thank goodness Fred didn’t make nightly appearances!

Each one of the girls got to cut the the frog.

Look at our scientist Niara handle those instruments!

After their class the girls had to show and share. they taught daddy and their Mewmaw everything they learned! Lela completed a lab report and we took up an entire wall showing all we learned.


After Auntie Pam put all her magical things away and left the house the girls ran and said to me “Best Class EVER!”

I 100% agreed! What I appreciated the most was the time we took to actually learn about all the different things. It has made park visits and walks so much more interesting for them and for me!

Thanks Auntie Pam!

If you have any questions about what we used or the process, please let me know. Also, I would love to hear about your fun science projects.

As always, Stay Encouraged, Be Blessed & Enjoy Science!

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